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ACEG:New-type wall panels get certified
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  2020-04-01   Hits:872  Source:ACEG Building Industrial Co., Ltd.   Author:Admin.
Two new-type wall products - Prefabricated reinforced concrete wall panel and Sandwich insulated exterior wall panel – developed and fabricated by ACEG Building Industrial Co., Ltd. - one of ACEG`s subsidiary, professionalized manufacturer for building components and materials were both honored with honorary certificates – “New-type wall products” recently by Anhui provincial department of economy and information technology.
Prefabricated reinforced concrete wall panel and Sandwich insulated exterior wall panel are green building products with fine effects as sound insulation, fireproof, air-tight, water-tight, thermal insulation, of high strength, fine insulation, safety and energy saving functions.
These two new wall panels were displayed as the sign products at the Scientific research innovation products exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in Anhui province, which met the requirements of the National act of green environmental protection and energy saving, passed the experts` assessments and application audits and successfully obtained the certificates that have been widely recognized by the industry.
With the certificates, the company`s market competitiveness has been greatly improved, also product support has been provided for the refurbishment of the company`s brand. It is reported that the certified products have the privilege of relevant preferential tax policies. According to the data estimated, some RMB 5 Million Yuan of tax deduction will be achieved each year for the company, adding significant economic and social benefits for the subsequent development of the company.
ACEG Building Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of ACEG`s reform pioneer in the development of green building industry with modern new business models, it currently stands at the leading position in Anhui province. Since its establishment five years ago, the company has grown quickly and steadily from almost nothing and it has adhered to its guide of technological innovation and actively developed new products and explored new processes and by far, it has acquired nearly 20 patents of independent intellectual property rights, participated in the formulation of a number of industrial standards and norms, and laid a solid scientific and technological foundation for its sustainable and healthy development. The company was the first that has passed the three-in-one certification of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system in the industry in Anhui province last year and is now actively preparing for the application process of the titles of a high-tech company and enterprise technology center.
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