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ACEG Highway & Port Engineering Co. was honored with title of "High-tech enterprise"
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  2020-03-11   Hits:1199  Source:ACEG Highway & Port Engineering Co., Ltd.   Author:Admin.
As per the Reply letter on the filing of the second batch of high-tech enterprises in 2019 (guo ke huo zi [2019] no. 6,) jointly issued on Monday, by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the High-tech Industry Development Center, ACEG Highway & Port Engineering Co., Ltd. one of ACEG`s subsidiary professionalized contractor for road and port construction and engineering, was honored with an honorary certificate – the title of "High-tech enterprise"
Over the past year or so, the leaders and employees of ACEG Highway & Port Engineering Co., Ltd. involved have made arduous efforts for it and gone through processes like consulting and studying, data collection, formal submission to experts for reviews and dissertation defense and succeeded in the end.
 The honorary certificate – the title of "High-tech enterprise"
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