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ACEG successfully passed the "Three-in-one" management system certification audit
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  2019-11-08   Hits:1118  Source:Project Management Department   Author:Admin.
An audit team from China Quality Mark Certification Group(CQM),conducted and completed its approval examination and verification on ACEG in terms of quality, environment and occupational health and safety known as "Three-in-one" management system certification the other day.
The audit team conducted the auditing processes in strict accordance with the new system of standards and requirements, the relevant national laws and regulations and national industry standards and management systems, the team members have read the files and checked the records by random inspection and conducted field investigations and some other ways, and quoted the applicable laws and regulations on the responsibilities and authorities, target completion and environment factor control and hazard identification etc of the resource managements and continuous improvements and so on and carried on an earnest careful objective audit inspection, the relevant units and departments have provided a large number of detailed data and text recording materials through close cooperation. After the auditing, the team members unanimously believe that the quality environment and occupational health and safety management system established by ACEG is in normal operation in line with the requirements of the three-in-one management system, and agree to issue ACEG the certification certificate of the three-in-one management system.
The CQM Team has given full affirmation for ACEG`s compliance suitability and effectiveness of the management system - three-in-one management system, but also for the future of ACEG`s system running and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions, and next, ACEG will, in accordance with the requirements by the audit team, organize the managements of various functional departments, strictly implement the standards of the three-in-one management system, and vows to continue to improve and promote ACEG`s management to a new level.
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